Our #1 priority is security so we take careful measures to ensure your assets are safe & secure, utilizing secure offline-cold storage & industry best practices.


We built our services from the ground up to be fast and responsive. Modern code and dedicated servers ensure a rock solid experience, even on your phone.


- Fast Matching Engine

- Many Order Types

- Installable Progressive Web App

- Low Exchange Fees

- Lower Maker Than Taker Fees


Our design focus has evolved based on Cryptocurrency numbers and a mobile first design so you will enjoy consistant ease of use between devices.


We aim to be the most secure, fast and modern realtime cryptocurrency exchange. We also offer online Crypto wallets for a growing list of cryptocurrencies. Our roadmap includes plans to support merchant services for businesses and our account holders. Easily purchase products and services online/offline, using your desktop or mobile devices. For example QR codes can be printed onto product labels, customers can then scan those labels with their phone and pay using their Apex account.

Apex Exchange was designed from the ground up with usability and cryptocurrency numbers in mind. With a sprinkle of clean/simple design, keeping this balance allows us to support a large userbase with high efficency & scale. Where possible multiple cpu cores are used to improve performance & many other very new technologies.



Our modern exchange provides fast, easy and secure exchange between our growing list of crypto pairs. Buy and sell the easy way with Apex.


Apex wallet services are comprehensive and give you a safe way to store & track your Cryptocurrency assets & purchases for easy use.


Coming soon: Shared Masternodes & Proof-of-Stake(PoS) are coming to apex Exchange! Certain compatible wallets will be able to stake right on your account.


Coming soon: Merchant services will be provided to merchants online & offline, use your apex account to set up payments and tracking for your business.


We want to build a strong community around Cryptocurrencies and services. Reaching our goal requires us to push Crypto forward. We intend to invest in crypto where it makes sense & continue expanding our services. Let's work together and float all boats higher!


Cryptocurrency is our future, thank you for trading with us & helping create that future!